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Master International Cooperation: Sustainable Emergency Architecture - Official

Years 1
Ects 60
Places 25
Campus Barcelona
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It prepares you to develop and rebuild communities affected by the ever-growing impact of climate change, military conflicts, rapid urbanization and economic crises in both developed and developing countries.

The one-year program provides students with the necessary theoretical and methodological background in order to develop an interdisciplinary approach and manage projects in cooperation and sustainable development ranging from the urban to the architectural scale.


Reasons to study this master

1.   Wide range of job opportunities. This master course prepares both professionals and academics to critically intervene in the context of international cooperation and urban development. A mandatory internship period provides students with the connections and experience needed to secure positions in institutions like international cooperation agencies, municipal planning offices, research institutes and consultancy firms that deal with international cooperation, post-disaster and post-conflict contexts, foreign aid, human settlements, slum improvement and infrastructure development, among other areas. The master provides immediate access to PhD programs in Europe after approving the 60 ECTS due to its official accreditation.

2.   Interdisciplinary and interscalar approach. Meeting the complex challenges presented by the field of development requires holistic solutions that integrate interdisciplinary knowledge and range from the urban to the architectural scale, which is why our program counts on a prestigious roster of both local and international professors from diverse sectors and professional practices.

3.   Multicultural environment. Much like our faculty, our students hail from diverse countries around the globe, making for an exceptionally international and enriching learning environment and a valuable professional network.


Language: English

Location: UIC Barcelona School of Architecture. Barcelona Campus



Multicultural environment


Active professionals