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Postgraduate Degree in Accessibility and Design for All (Online)

Years 1
Ects 40
Places 25
Campus Barcelona
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A specialised programme that teaches students to understand, identify, design, market and facilitate accessible design for all.

With the School of Architecture's Postgraduate Degree in Accessibility and Design for All at UIC Barcelona, you will become an expert in accessibility and help to provide equal opportunities for all citizens, regardless of whether they have a disability or not. The teaching programme will help you analyse and understand the accessibility criteria governing the spaces, routes, elements, products and services that surround us. You will find out how to apply so-called unnoticed accessibility, with standardisation criteria and designs for all. You will become familiar with the necessary details, learn how to develop affordable projects and take a critical look at the main laws and regulations on accessibility.


Reasons to take this Postgraduate Degree

1. The only existing online interactive Postgraduate Degree in Accessibility and Design for All taught in Spanish.

2. It combines theory and practice with face-to-face work sessions via an online platform.

3. New technologies make it possible to take the course from anywhere in the world and interact with the teacher and classmates in real time via videoconference.

4. Students attending by videoconference listen to and watch the images provided and streamed by the teacher, and interact with the teacher in real time.

5. Student are able to view any of the sessions afterwards, since they are recorded.

6. The teaching staff have many years of experience as accessibility specialists in the subject they teach.

7. Correction and supervision of the work will be organised during the various different sessions the course involves.

8. Once the course is complete, our students will have become specialists in accessibility and have gained prestige through our University and the Postgraduate course directors and teaching staff. Many of them are well-known in this area in their respective countries and work for their own governments in order to improve accessibility regulations, as well as towards their practical application, based on "Unnoticed Accessibility” criteria.

9. Opportunity to patent new products or services through the work carried out during the course, with support from the University.



Language: English

Location: Online



Only existing programme in the world


The teaching staff are professionals from the sector


Students from all over the world