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Postgraduate Degree in Marriage and Family Education

Years 1
Ects 15
Places Limited
Campus Online

Through this course, the Institute for Advanced Family Studies (IESF) offers a comprehensive study of family life, via a methodology which is suitable for parents and for professionals who work in the area of education or family enrichment. The online format provides a great deal of flexibility for students.

The Institute of Advanced Family Studies is an academic research center with a clear vocation of service to society. Its strategic axes - research, teaching and social transfer - serve as the basis for its teaching programs taught by a wide range of experts.

matrimonio y educación

Reasons to study this postgraduate

1.  They are able to follow the course easily due to its practical approach to the subjects. This course combines scientific research with the most practical aspects of family education while always respecting the personal dedication and the interests of each participant in the course.

2.  At the end of the course students will have acquired theoretical and practical knowledge about the family dimension of the individual, as well as some knowledge of pedagogy and family education.

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