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Postgraduate Degree in Real Estate - Construction & Design Management

Years 1
Ects 20
Places 25
Campus Barcelona

Professional profiles such as project manager are in high demand in today’s business world

With the Postgraduate Degree in Real Estate - Construction & Design Management, you will further your knowledge of Creative Business Management, Design Project Management and the creation of business plans that will help you control all aspects of a project. Our aim is to turn you into a true project manager and business expert in the world of real estate and design.

project manager

Reasons to study this Postgraduate

  1. To turn Architecture professionals and professionals from the creative and industrial sectors into true managers and businesspersons in their field.

  2. To understand current professional challenges and the changes resulting from becoming a senior manager/executive in the field of Architecture and creative professions.

  3. To form a true symbiosis between the university world and business.

  4. To promote the personal skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur.

  5. To teach students how to manage the everyday aspects of creative enterprises.

  6. To provide students the knowledge and vocabulary needed to become a senior manager/executive with university-level technical/creative training.

  7. To be able to create a strategic Business.

  8. To make decisions in a qualified, strategic manner.



Reduced Groups

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Innovative education program


Project manager certified with the Project Management Institute (USA)